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Right now you probably have no idea who Phil Davison is (unless you’re caught up on your popular interweb videos, in which case this whole thing might be old news to you).  Well, Phil Davison is my hero; watch the following, and you’ll soon know why:

Originally, I had listed my five favorite Phil Davison quotes from his impassioned speech, but in the process of writing my original blog entry, my internet f’d up (obviously it could not have been the fault of my flawless MacBook Pro), and I lost the entire post and now don’t feel like writing it again.  But, suffice it to say, I had some favorites…and I hope you do now too.

By the way…he lost the election.  Stupid Ohio.

[via 2010's MVP: Amanda]


There comes a time in every blog’s life where a post is so perfect that it truly transcends the existence of the blog. In fact, the post is so good, and its content so utterly spectacular, that it necessarily renders every subsequent blog post inferior for the rest of time. Well, my friends, the new Nike LeBron James – Kobe Bryant puppet commercial is out, and this post is officially that post.*

The below commercial, 33 second of pure, unadulterated bliss, is so good and shits on LeBron so hard that it took me a full three days (until I just saw it on TV about ten minutes ago) for me to even believe that it was a real Nike commercial and not just the product of some fellow computer-hacking-Lebron-hater/my hero out there in the blogosphere. The pacing, the cinematography and, more than anything, the outstanding puppeteering all come together in perfect harmony, brilliantly intertwining into what will almost certainly go down as the greatest (at least in my mind) commercial of all time the juxtaposition of the shit-eating grin on Kobe’s face against LeBron’s metaphorical “eating [of] shit” at the breakfast table. Although it seems as though not everybody agrees with me (e.g. Awful Announcing), this is my blog.
So, finally, and without further adieu, I present to you the latest, the greatest and, unfortunately (after Nike made the marketing move of the century by continuing the commercials despite LeBron sadly losing the Eastern Conference Finals single-handedly), the final LeBron James-Kobe Bryant Nike puppet commercial:

Although none of the other puppet commercials even hold a candle to the genius of this one, feel free to watch all of the MVPuppet commercials here on Nike’s website.

UPDATE (6/19): After perusing the Nike basketball site, it turns out that there is, indeed, another “MVPuppets” commercial, this one presumably being the final one for the season. It’s called “LeBron 2010″ and shows LeBitch “preparing” for the 2010 season. Since it still shines a losing light on LeBron, I’ll allow a link to it, albeit a small one, right….here.

*While this is, indeed, the truth, and I can almost guarantee that every subsequent post from this one on out will necessarily be inferior to this one, there is one significant fact that one must keep in mind: not enough people read this blog for it to really matter. So, from hereon forth, despite the magnitude of the above posting, nothing about Blogbdon will change whatsoever, as I promise to continue to provide you with the same marginally useful information and mediocre literary ability.

Just a great take on those NBA Playoff commercials…cheap laughs? Maybe. But brilliant? Definitely.

(Plus, I had no idea Eddie House‘s headband did a full rotation on his head until I watched it in slo-mo here, so this is definitely worth a watch if only for that) 

[via 2dopeboyz and YouTube]

First, hats off to the three-time major winner Padraig for being a good sport and trying this out, attempting to answer the question that has been boggling each one of our minds since the very first time we watched Adam Sandler’s seminal golf movie twelve years ago (yeah, twelve years): does the Happy Gilmore actually work?

Padraig does his best to answer that question, and to some surprising results (+30 yards), though, admittedly, things are relatively boring until about the 3:00 minute mark for all you other A.D.D.’ers out there:

[via Kottke]

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