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This is kind of nuts, but, as you can see below, the World Cup winners have been oddly symmetrical when graphed.  Therefore, Germany must win when they take on a talented Spanish team on Wednesday…and then go on to beat the other winner in the finals on Sunday.  Why?  Because this graph says so, and the internet never lies.


[via Theusrus & Buzzfeed]

Argentinian team doctor Donato Villami told reporters that:

“The players will be able to have sex during the World Cup in South Africa, but with regular partners and without champagne or other drinks.”

He continued:

Sex is part of everybody’s social life and it’s not a problem in itself, that’s why sites as are popular and allowed for anyone with the right age. Problems arise with the excesses: all the extras, a non-regular partner or in hours reserved for rest.”

[via – ‘Let them have sex’]

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