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First off, I apologize for the title of this blog post, and feel free to punch me in the face the next time you see me just for using it.  Why didn’t I just change it?  Well, because it was the first thing I thought of, I’m lazy and no one reads this anyway, so I can do things like offer free punches in the face as compensation for my lameness without any fear of actually getting punched…ever.

Moving on, unless you were one of the four people who didn’t watch last night’s new episode of Jersey Shore, then you most probably saw the trailer MTV conveniently aired on the first commercial break (the first of about 50 commercials during the hour-long show, I should add) for Jackass 3D, the new installment of the Jackass series due out on October 15th.  I was as big a fan as anyone when the show was on MTV regularly, but I felt like the movies were able to take it to even another level; this newest installment, much of which was filmed in 3D,  looks like no exception.  Or maybe I just like the boobies and cursing that isn’t bleeped out in movies.  Anyway, just trust me and watch this trailer through to the end, and I promise you that you’ll laugh out loud at least once by the time it’s over:

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P.S. How can someone not laugh at the “high five” part at the end??!! I’ve watched it like 5 times now and still laugh each time I see it.

Presumably, this was during the Flyers’ excruciating loss to the Atlanta Thrashers last night, who managed to blow a two-goal lead going into the 3rd period for the first time in 24 games; luckily, two “Green Men” made watching video from the game worth it:

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You can see Mac talking about the actual origins of Greenman here (worth watching):

Just take a cue from Toyota and start making cool shit like this, and I promise the whole U.S. automotive market will turn around…or something.

Quickly moving on from stuff that I know nothing about (e.g. current events, the recession, etc.), the Midnight Rider Tundra Tailgater (pictured below) was developed through Toyota’s partnership with Brooks & Dunn. Now, this truck is a tight ass truck. Brooks & Dunn, on the other hand, are…well, I have no freaking idea what/who they are, aside from a country music duo whose “involvement” in the design of this vehicle was probably equivalent to Eminem and Jay-Z’s “involvement” in the just-released DJ Hero (i.e. lend name to project, do nothing & reap benefits, namely in the form of cash money). Or maybe they’re awesome, hand-built every single one of these trucks and financed the entire operation; I have no idea though because, well, I don’t give a fuck about Brooks & Funn. I DO give a fuck about this truck, however, and officially want one (hint, hint – Chanukah is coming up friends…), so peep it here and the specs below:

Tundra Tailgater (as always, click the picture for a not-much-closer look)

The Ultimate Tailgating Experience® occurs when you slide out the tailgate, exposing a Grill N Chill® cooking area from Go! Products.  The pull-out Grill N Chill features a cooking space with countertops, infrared barbeque, beverage tap and ice chest.  An electronically operated tonneau cover enhances your tailgate party with a bed-installed 42-inch flat screen TV and sound system by Kicker.  The sound system features a dual subwoofer system and a separate amp, four two-way speakers with tweeters and separate crossovers, and dual two-channel amps with separate equalizers and speaker control units.

[via Toyota and Like Cool]

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