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LeBron James is a Shitass

Wow, I’m the happiest person ever:

Now the basketball world can finally see the footage: NBA MVP LeBron James getting dunked on by a college player.

On Wednesday, and released different versions of the much-anticipated video of Xavier’s Jordan Crawford dunking on James last month at Nike’s LeBron James Skills Academy at the University of Akron. The TMZ footage, presumably shot via a cell phone and looking about as steady as the San Andreas Fault, shows Crawford dunking over James in the middle of a pickup game. The footage from (above), which is higher quality and includes better audio, was shot from the side of the court where the dunk took place and shows Crawford’s two-handed jam at the 35-second mark.

As had been previously reported, Nike, which ran the James camp, confiscated the footage of two videographers working the camp because they claimed the videotaping of after-hours pickup games was not allowed. One of the videographers, Ryan Miller, spoke with on Wednesday and confirmed that it was indeed the dunk, but not the footage he shot. “I am 99.9 percent sure that is the actual dunk,” said Miller, a 22-year-old recent Syracuse University graduate. “I was obviously in a different position on the floor but it was the same reaction from the crowd, same everything. The footage they had before was also footage from that same pickup game. So that’s the dunk. Finally.”


So, behold the “Greatest Video of All Time” (which really could be called the “most overrated” video of all time…but I’m still gonna say he got shat on) featuring my favorite basketball player/human of the moment, Jordan Crawford:


Here is my boy Jordan Crawford talking about dunking on LeBron Douche:

Finally, here is a link to TMZ’s footage of the dunk, which, supposedly, is the most extensive; please watch repeatedly.  Also, LeBron James sucks ass.  Lots of ass.

[via TMZ and 2dopeboyz and Ebaumnation]

UPDATE: Another angle of the dunk, this one in “high quality:”

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