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This is a pretty awesome visualization of every NBA Championship Ring (organized by team) from the year 1947 onward.  One thing to note is that, try as you may, you will not find a ring of LeDouche’s in this picture, as he has yet to win an NBA title; last night’s beautiful loss to the Dallas Mavericks dropped him to 0-2 in the Finals during his “productive” 8-year career:

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Amherst College surveyed its incoming freshman class and the demographic analysis of its Class of 2012 is pretty interesting. While, as mentioned in the title of this post, we were almost certainly much cooler than them when we were freshmen in college, it seems relatively likely that these kids have more iPhones than we did our first year of college…and iPhones are awesome. Anyway, here are some of the statistics from the article at Collision Detection:


Percentage of first-year applicants who applied online in 2003: 33%.
                      Percentage of applicants who did last year: 89%.

          By the end of August 2008 the total number of members and posts at the Amherst College                                           Class of 2012 Facebook group: 432 members and 3,225 posts.

           Students in the class of 2012 who registered computers, IPhones, game consoles, etc. on the                                      campus network by the end of the day on August 24th, the day they moved into their dorm                                            rooms: 370 students registered 443 devices.

           Number of students in the class of 2012 who brought desktop computers to campus: 14.

           Likelihood that a student with an iPhone/iTouch is in the class of 2012: approximately 1 in 2.

          Total number of students on campus this year that have landline phone service: 5.

          Mac or PC? Of the four classes currently on campus the classes of 2009 and 2010 are more                                         likely to own Windows, while the classes of 2011 and 2012 are more likely to own Macs.

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Pat Burrell on a Pink Caddy

Well, right now everybody in Philly does at least. With the consistency that he has been hitting the ball over the first 30 games, Pat looks way too locked in for this to be a fluke. He’s hitting .417 with 2 outs and runners in scoring position (RISP), .435 with runners on (an absurd 20 out of 46) and a slick .478 with RISP. It’s fun to get caught up in all this (i.e. plan our World Series parade right now), but we’ve got to remember: the guy is a career .260 hitter, and, invariably, he just cannot keep this up. I mean Chase Utley is clearly God dressed up as a strapping, young and handsome second-baseman, but I don’t think anyone expects him to hit the 60+ home-runs he’s on pace for.

So the question is: once Pat cools off, will the boo-birds be back? Granted, Pat has a fat contract and has “underperformed” over the course of his career, but the guy plays hard and has said repeatedly that he wants to finish his career a Phillie. Plus, he’s kind of a badass in his own weird way (remember this?). So here’s to hoping that Philly fans remember that baseball is a streaky sport and don’t start dogging him once he comes back down to earth………that is, if he ever does (I mean he’s hitting .750 with a man on 3rd with less than 2 outs!!!).


Try watching this video from last night’s dramatic victory without getting goosebumps (plus, just look at Pat’s expression when he crosses home plate – the guy is all business right now; now if it was Manny Ramirez who had just hit that ball, he’d be doing somersaults down the third base line):

Definitely the first time I’ve ever seen those three words strung together – and by a Philly writer to boot.

Already off to a great start Burrell has really been the glue so far holding this injury-plagued Phillies team together. As of right now Burrell ranks 1st in all of baseball in WPA/LI with a 0.98; his 0.98 is a full eighteen percent ahead of closest competitor Mark Reynolds. Burrell also ranks 1st in BRAA and REW, ahead of Joe Crede in both; in BRAA he is a full half-run ahead of Crede. Much of the talk surrounding the Phillies this season has pertained to whether or not Chase Utley would be the third straight Phillie to win the MVP award. If the season ended today, for whatever reason, Burrell would be the Phillies frontrunner.

Keep in mind that I forgot to post this when I first wrote it, so this article is over a week old now and, thus, written before Utley’s absurd streak.

I found it on a new favorite site that you should definitely check out if you’re into baseball statistics and shit: FanGraphs.

As if this comparison needed any more analysis to show that Michael Jordan is a far superior basketball player than Kobe Bryant ever will be, a friend of mine directed me to a fantastic website pointing out just how lopsided the comparison truly is. Here are a few choice statistical tidbits:

If Kobe were to play another ten seasons of 80 games apiece (for 800 games total), he would have to average over 35.5 points per game for the rest of his career to match Jordan’s career scoring average. He hasn’t even had one season that high.

Kobe could make 1500 consecutive shots, and he still wouldn’t be above Jordan in shooting efficiency.

In order to match Jordan’s assists numbers by the time he’s played as long as Jordan did, Kobe needs to average 7.2 assists per game. Kobe has never even done this for a week.

Games with:

Jordan Bryant

15 20+ shots made while shooting over 60% 3

77 15+ shots made while shooting over 60% 18

174 15+ shots made while shooting over 50% 46

16 50+ points while shooting over 60% 5

1 50+ points while shooting under 50% 6

0 50+ points while shooting under 45% 3

70 40+ points while shooting over 60% 17

27 40+ points while shooting under 50% 42

13 40+ points while shooting under 45% 19

2 40+ points while shooting under 40% 7

3 50+ points on less than 10 free throw attempts 0

47 40+ points on less than 10 free throw attempts 17

156 40+ points on less than five 3 point attempts 28

15 50+ points with 5+ assists 4

96 40+ points with 5+ assists 31

 9 40+ points with 10+ assists 2

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