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2009 NLCS Icon

So it’s time to gear up…again:

Beat LA again Hoody

And, not to rub it in to you L.A.’ers, but there are other options available to you Phils fans as well; for example, you could always pick up one of these, you know, again, just in case you forgot, um, what happened last year…:

Stairs HoodyWe’ll just leave it at that. I aint taking the blame for any jinxes here or anything like that…

And with no affiliation or anything whatsoever, I seriously recommend checking out the above and all of the other awesome shirts at Birdland for all you Philly fans out there; they’re awesome.

Finally, this is funny:

Cry Cry Cry

WFC Take II – L.A. here we come!

[via The Fightins]

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