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This shit is awesome if you like that brand of Onion-type humor and/or appreciate how easy it is to make fun of a sport that we Americans don’t understand:

…no homo though

[via Sports Dome on the Onion Sports Network]

This is kind of nuts, but, as you can see below, the World Cup winners have been oddly symmetrical when graphed.  Therefore, Germany must win when they take on a talented Spanish team on Wednesday…and then go on to beat the other winner in the finals on Sunday.  Why?  Because this graph says so, and the internet never lies.


[via Theusrus & Buzzfeed]

By no means am I endorsing soccer; soccer still blows ass…a lot of ass.  But the “Scorpion Kick” is easily the coolest soccer-related thing I’ve ever seen – aside from that one girl that stripped on-field:

“It’s a stunning move with no recourse if you get it wrong because you’re on the ground face down. In this case, if he’d missed, England scores, which the shooter must surely have thought was going to happen when Higuita started the dive. I can’t imagine the impact in the stands or on the pitch. Hearts must have skipped beats, breathing stopped, and then all hell broke loose in admiration for such a magic moment. It’s like when someone gets the rainbow move right at full speed, very, very rare but beautiful to behold.”

[from an account of Rene Higuita’s “Scorpion Kick”]

The following extraordinary video is Part II of “Blogbdon’s Greatest Videos of All Time” series, the long-awaited follow-up to yesterday’s Part I. This video is entitled “The 50 Greatest Soccer Goals of All Time,” and it chronicles…well, you figure it out.

It is a bit long (about 25 minutes), but it is quite awesome and well worth the time if you can waste it. I will try to post an abbreviated version later that shows just the Top 10, but don’t count on it.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed the series thus far, and make sure to visit Blogbdon tomorrow for Part III!

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