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I take no credit for this whatsoever because someone showed me this a couple weeks ago, but it’s unbelievably awesome. You get to watch it the same way I did, by watching the real “Unstoppable” trailer first (incredibly funny on its own…unintentionally, of course), and then watching the SNL skit. Trust me it’s much funnier this way:

“Unstoppable” Trailer


Saturday Night Live “Unstoppable” Trailer

[thanks Sty]

The Lonely Island guys are back with their new single and video, this time focusing on “penis-in-vagina” sex, 30-second romp-fests and featuring an Akon hook that sounds exactly as you think it would.  It might not be quite on that “I’m on a Boat” level, or even on the “Jizz in My Pants” level, but, don’t get me wrong, it’s still funny as shit:

[via 2dopeboyz]

In my opinion, though, it will be nearly impossible for anything to ever beat the street classic “Lazy Sunday“:

Every time I’ve tried to watch Jimmy Fallon do “Late Night,” it’s turned into me changing the channel and swearing to never watch it again due to his otherworldly awkwardness in front of the camera.  Now, the following is not quite enough to change my stance, but it is certainly a start:

F’ing brilliant.

[via Late Night with Jimmy Fallon]

The new Lonely Island (by way of Andy Samberg) & Justin Timberlake musical collaboration aired on last night’s SNL, and the result, as usual, is awesome.  It’s called “Motherlover,” and, in a tribute to Mother’s Day, it is incredibly crude – but in a hysterical way.  This stuff really never gets old to me, and my respect for Timberlake just keeps on going up and up in what I hope will remain a completely heterosexual way.  Enjoy, and don’t forget to send this one to your mom:


[via Hulu]

Due to “final exams,” I have to somehow not play with the “internet” all the time, nor post to my blog, if I want to “graduate law school.” So, in the interest of achieving said J.D. degree, today’s is a simple offering, though a swell one. It’s two videos of my boy Jonah Hill.

Jonah wit Yeezy (playing Connect 4)

Connect 4 – Jonah Hill vs. Kanye from kwest on Vimeo.

Oh yeah, and obviously the song Kanye puts on in the background is maybe the best song ever, and you’re probably wondering what it is. It’s his own remix of Lil Wayne’s “Lollipop,” and it’s sick as hell. I’ll try to get an illegal link to it soon.

Funny ass SNL skit

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