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After my roommate and I recently saw a guy pull up to Flight Club in a bright green Lamborghini, park out front, buy these shoes and then walk right out, it was officially confirmed that these shoes were the hotness.  I have recently called them the “sickest shoes ever,” though I was pretty excited at the time, so I would have to say the verdict is still out.  They are called the ?uestlove Air Force One’s, were produced in an extremely limited release, and each one is signed by the Roots’s drummer-extraordinaire.  The gold-toe edition was limited to about 300 pairs and randomly inserted into the shoe boxes; those who were lucky enough to receive one were said to have received the “Golden Ticket.”  Considering they have sold for upwards of $1000, and now can’t even be found on the internet, it is an apt name.  Enjoy the snappers below:


No, it’s nothing gross like that. Actually, the lighting hit the person who was taking the video, and all you hear is the person screaming, no like flesh charring or anything. It’s pretty damn cool, and feel free to watch it on the victim’s own flickr page here if you would like (where he/she has entitled this video “lightning through my camera“).

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