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Remember these?

Well, I do, and they remind me of the following video of pendulum waves, which is really awesome despite the fact that I have no idea what the f pendulum waves are.  All I know is that the video is cool as shit and that it reminds me of those things (above) that grown-ups used to keep on their desks at work, which, incidentally, are called desk pendulums:

[via Kottke]

The “Night Lights” map was the first world map of the nighttime Earth, using data compiled by NASA and NOAA:


(click on the picture for a much better look at it)

More pictures of cities from space

UPDATE: Just realized I’ve written about this before.  Sorry, it’s finals time.

UPDATE 2: Why not: another picture from space, this time depicting New York City and the eastern seaboard.

NYC from space

More on New York City and East Coast lights.

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