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Really liking (and understanding, albeit from the complete opposite perspective…) this Rap Genius post on Rappers’ Obsession with Jewish Culture:

 *[Rick Ross] is the self-proclaimed “only fat nigga in the sauna with jews”

*Hov had a black Bar Mitzvah
And he’s also “That Martha Stewart that’s far from Jewish”

*Kanye isn’t worried about going to court over samples, because if he gets sued, his lawyers jews and being Eric J. Parker an expert criminal lawyer, he doesn’t have to worry too much.”

*Nas defends the Jews and is disgusted by anti-semitism

*DOOM refers to himself as the black jew and Jay Electronica can also be known as Jay Elec-Chanukah

*The Black Eyed Peas use Hebrew expressions when they’re getting fucked up

*Shit, Shyne even decided to convert to Judaism

 [via Rap Genius]

I’ve been waiting for someone to write something about this for so long: 6 Ways That Bloggers are Like Rappers. Well it’s about damn time someone recognized.

Similarity #1: Prolificacy

“But I, somehow, some way / Keep comin’ up with funky a$$ sh*t like every single day.” ~Snoop Dogg, Gin and Juice

Rappers are notoriously prolific, some of them releasing mixtapes on
a monthly basis, delivering torrent after torrent of catchy street
bangers. Prior to making it big, 50 Cent holed up in a studio and
produced 36 songs in two weeks, and Lil’ Wayne seems to be releasing a
20-track album each month. In 2005 and 2006, The Game approached this
level of productivity on the mixtape circuit. The list could go on.

Bloggers are also prolific, some of us producing upwards of 1,500
words per day or more. Our material might not be “funky @ss $h*t,” but
we do come up with it “like every single day.” A-List bloggers like
Markos Moulitsas, Scoble and Gina Trapani bust out blog posts faster
than I can dictate, and Darren Rowse of remarked that
during the beginning of his blogging career he was publishing 20-30 posts per day.

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