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This has to be one of the cooler things a sports franchise has ever done, despite the fact that the management are the people that put this together and, in reality, have nothing to do whatsoever with the outcome on the court on any given night and, thus, are in no position to be guaranteeing anything…but now I’m just getting critical.  Golden State’s fans have a reputation for being loud, loyal and coming out in droves wearing those dope Warriors’ colors and certainly deserve a competitive team…so props to the higher-powers drafting a contract guaranteeing the following things:


(click for a closer look or, alternatively, look at the cliff’s notes version I’ve outlined/stolen from another website below)

The contract stipulates that:

1. THE CLUB will reach the 2012 NBA Playoffs.
2. THE CLUB will have a player participate in the 2012 NBA All-Star Game in Orlando.
3. THE CLUB will win 25 or more home games at Oracle Arena.
4. THE CLUB will honor a Risk-Free Renewal, with a 5% Interest Guarantee Option for the 2011-12 NBA season.

Now if only the Warriors could draw up a contract guaranteeing that the Heat would never win another game…that would be impressive.

[via The Basketball Jones and Ball Don’t Lie]


Phils Logo


Phils World Series 2009



It really is hard to fathom, but after 25 years of title-less seasons, of excruciating playoff departures and of heart-breaking losses, the Philadelphia Phillies, professional sports’ first 10,000-loss team, have now advanced to their second consecutive World Series by closing out the NLCS at home last night with a 10-4 beatdown of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Now, incredibly, the Phillies stand in position to do something that no National League team has done in over thirty years: successfully defend their World Championship. This quest will begin on Wednesday, October 28th, and it will almost certainly not be easy. All indications point towards a showdown with what was inarguably the best team in baseball all season, The New York Yankees, who just happen to play their home games less than two hours north of ours. Wow.

The Phillies going for back-to-back World Series titles against the New York Yankees of all teams? I mean, is this really happening?

All I do know is that this is going to be a crazy couple of weeks, and even if we get swept right out of the playoffs, the Phightins have once again placed an entire city on their collective backs and have reinvigurated the passion of an entire fanbase. The Yankees are about as strong a team as they come, and they are probably playing their best baseball of the season right now, so this mountain may be a bit too tall for even this team to climb.

But, hey, could you imagine if we went out and beat them??!! Because I can…



name a met.jpg

Oh shit, how did that get in there???

World Series 2009


Just a great take on those NBA Playoff commercials…cheap laughs? Maybe. But brilliant? Definitely.

(Plus, I had no idea Eddie House‘s headband did a full rotation on his head until I watched it in slo-mo here, so this is definitely worth a watch if only for that) 

[via 2dopeboyz and YouTube]

Wild-Card Here We Come

After this evening’s 44-6 thrashing at the hands of the playoff-bound Philadelphia Eagles, it seems as though the Cowboys are feeling a bit banged up.  Specifically, a Cowboys blog had the following to report about their sack-attracting, fumble-prone, vacation-taking quarterback in the hours following the game:

“Tony Romo’s back was killing him today. He collapsed in the shower and needed help from two PR staffers to go down one step after his postgame press conference.”


I mean, could tonight get any better?

Of course it can!  Re-live the beatdown by watching this video of the game’s highlights with the incredible Merrill Reese doing the commentary:

[via the700level]

“I try to swing for the fences…That’s what I’ve done my whole career. I was very fortunate to square one up tonight. I’m not going to hit a single and steal second base. So I just had to swing hard and elevate.”

- Matt Stairs (the greatest hitter to ever step foot on this here Earth)

This photo from the Fightins sums up my emotions right now quite succintly:



EDITOR’S NOTE: If you are not aware, the Philadelphia Phillies defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers this evening by a score of 7-5, as Matt Stairs capped a four-run Phillies 8th inning with a towering home run off of Dodgers closer Jonathan Broxton, the first home run he’s given up in L.A. since July of 2006 (!).  The win gave the Phillies a commanding 3-1 lead in this best-of-seven National League Championship Series and now stand exactly 1 win away from reaching their first World Series in 15 years (goosebumps).  Seriously.

Victorino Does it Again

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