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2009 NLCS Icon

So it’s time to gear up…again:

Beat LA again Hoody

And, not to rub it in to you L.A.’ers, but there are other options available to you Phils fans as well; for example, you could always pick up one of these, you know, again, just in case you forgot, um, what happened last year…:

Stairs HoodyWe’ll just leave it at that. I aint taking the blame for any jinxes here or anything like that…

And with no affiliation or anything whatsoever, I seriously recommend checking out the above and all of the other awesome shirts at Birdland for all you Philly fans out there; they’re awesome.

Finally, this is funny:

Cry Cry Cry

WFC Take II – L.A. here we come!

[via The Fightins]

Even though I wish “Eric Bruntlett” and the “2009 Phillies” didn’t have to be in the same picture, it’s still really awesome:

2009 Phillies Facial Hair

Buy your own copy here!

[via The Fightins]

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To the greatest announcer in sports history: we’ll miss you…

Harry Kalas R.I.P.

Harry Kalas R.I.P.

Harry Kalas, the Phillies’ long-time, Hall-of-Fame announcer, died today after collapsing in the broadcasting booth in Washington.  He was 73 and one of the most beloved figures in Philadelphia sports history.  The Phils have cancelled their Tuesday trip to the White House and, as of right now, are set to play a game (somehow) 20 minutes from now.

At least he was able to make this call last October, in what will, perhaps, go down as the most famous call in Philadelphia sports history:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

UPDATE (3:30PM): You can find links to download a couple of Harry’s calls in last year’s World Series as ringtones and as .mp3′s in my World Series Ringtones post.

UPDATE 2 (1:00AM): I’ve been reading Harry tributes all day and night, and not only have I solved the mystery of the Phils’ cigarette smoking before today’s game, but I’ve almost certainly just read the best tribute yet. Kudos to Bill Lyon from the Inquirer for a superb homage to our hero.

Harry Kalas - 1936-2009

A Great Man

Phils Gold Uni Diagram

As first reported by UniWatch and later elaborated upon by Phinally Philly, the Phils will be wearing the above dope-ass golden-outlined jerseys on opening night against the Braves on April 5th.  (I’ll let you know how they look in person)

Besides the “Phillies” on the front being outlined in gold, the player name & number on the back and the number & World Series patch on the sleeves will also be outlined.

Zolecki has since clarified the details of the golden-uni’s, in addition to cluing us in on exactly what will be featured on the WFC’s jerseys for the other 161 games:

[T]hey will be worn Opening Day only, and eventually will be auctioned off to benefit Phillies charities. The Phillies also will be wearing a World Series champions 2008 patch on their home uniforms all season. They will not wear the patch on the road.

Phils Gold Uni Actual

Interesting, not wearing the WFC patch on the road…probably a bribe from David Wright or something.  Oh yeah, and, of course, for a mere $164.99, you can order your own gold-trimmed Phils jersey today!

[Photos courtesy of PhinallyPhilly and The Phightins]

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