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Since my blog is clearly the first place you’d look to find a live stream of the Spectrum demolition, please enjoy/mourn watching the Spectrum crumble…finally:

UPDATE: The embed link isn’t working, so go watch it elsewhere….i.e. here:

My favorite interview so far of the “festivities,” which, by the way, are being broadcast as “The Spectrum’s Final Show?” So far that one is a runaway, won by none other than Dr. Erving:

Broadcaster: “Is watching this sad for you Dr. J?”

Dr. J: “No.  Uh, no.  Really, I’m just cold out here right now.”

I echo your sentiments Julius…

[via The700Level]

If you follow the Phillies or even baseball at all, you might be a little perplexed after reading the title of this post; you might also just be reading this because I told you to.  Either way, your confusion is warranted.  Jimmy has been having, it has seemed, a pedestrian season, at best, even by his own lofty standards, and I thought such a statement was accurate until a couple of days ago.  Now, I haven’t been following his season at-bat to at-bat, but I guess I must have missed a recent hot-streak by the shortstop because I was somewhat surprised to see Jimmy’s stats as of a few days ago, as calculated by Comcast SportsNet and reported during his at-bat against the Nationals on Tuesday:

Now I’m no Woody Paige, but I believe those 737 homers would be some sort of record for a season…yet LeDouche still seems to steal the headlines from more deserving (and even record-shattering) athletes.  So the moral of this post is: fuck LeDouche James.  And don’t worry, Jimmy, Blogbdon’s got you.


LeBron James should blame himself, not race, for the heat he has received

Point the finger at yourself, LeBron

LeBron James, race and the NBA (see? unbiased)

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Jimmy Wins ItDon’t Worry Jimbo: Those First 100 Games of this Season are Now LONG Forgotten…

One of the biggest downsides of being in Central Africa, 6,070 miles away from Philadelphia, in October, aside from the risks of genocide, is not being able to watch my team do what it does so well in the playoffs.  Luckily, although the internet is not fast enough here to stream video or even watch highlights on YouTube, it was fast enough to allow me to read about one of the greatest comebacks, nay, one of the greatest games, in playoff history, three hours after it had happened.  So follow me on my journey through the internet’s coverage of Game 4 and relive the heroics of this year’s Phightin Phils!

What They Pulled Off This Time

Well, first, here’s what happened:

Second, hysterically, watch Barkann, Dutch, and Ricky Bottalico’s (back in the Comcast SportsNet studios preparing for an excruciatingly somber post-game show) reactions, as they watch Rollins’s GW hit live in the studio:

Relive the Moment as Called by Franzke and L.A.

I am starting to really like Scott Franzke.  So, for you out-of-towners, notice why some of us are talking about the fact that we might have another special broadcaster here as you listen to Harry’s-replacement, Scott Franzke, make the call:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

(click here to download or click the image above to listen)

Everytime I hear him I like him more and more…and though some people find L.A.’s antics over-the-top and/or unecessary, I actually find them both entertaining and endearing. I have no problem with biased announcers and, dog-gone-it, L.A.’s one of the most biased announcers around! Moving on…

Four Awesome Phils Articles

“Walk-off double puts Phils one win from World Series”

The first is from Beerleaguer, which pretty much sums up Monday night’s Game 4 in a neat two-paragraph package:

Beerleaguer: Just another day at the park for the toughest team in baseball. This one goes out to all the national writers who needed further proof as to why the postseason should be framed around a single question: Which team will be the first to hold down the Phillies? Because so far nobody has come close during their reign, and the Dodgers are about to be dragged from the ring after falling asleep on them, just as they did at this exact same point last postseason. The toughness, the thrills: this is what Phillies baseball is about. Cherish it. Fans of 29 other teams only wish they were so lucky.

Reader: “It’s pretty cool that Stairs’ historic bomb could still have such a resounding residual effect at precisely the same point in the season a year later.”

“These Guys Are Unreal [And, They're a Win Away from the World F. Series]“

Next, we’ve got a couple of examples that show just how close the Phils were to losing, as by the time Jimmy stepped to the plate with two outs in the 9th, several media outlets decided to get a head-start on their news and had already posted news of the Dodgers’ win!

Here’s‘s gaffe:

Oops! killing you guys that badly…?

But it wasn’t just the mainstream media guilty in this case, as even some of the local blogs had lost hope/failed to watch the Phightins over the past two seasons as well…but then again, being down a run with Jimmy Rollins up and two outs in the 9th against one of the league’s premier closers probably sucked the hope out of even most of the optomistic Phils fans.  The author of one of the best Philly Sports blogs out there, Balls, Sticks and Stuff, was guest-blogging for The700Level Monday evening, and he too had begun to write his sad follow-up to the Game 4 loss when things suddenly changed for the better:

“Still pinch-hitting over at The 700 Level, I half-heartedly began to write up a post-game story before the final out.  Here’s the gist of it [link]:

As exhilarating as Sunday night’s 11-0 win over the Dodgers was, there had to be at least a part of you bracing for a loss this evening.  Don’t beat yourself up, it’s not Philly pessimism, it’s just the nature of baseball in general and our Phillies in particular.

It’s not as if the game was a clunker for the Phillies, but



This group of Phillies players…  They just don’t quit, ever.  Sure, without Jonathan Broxton hitting Carlos Ruiz in the 9th, Jimmy’s gapper only ties the game, but there are a ton of teams that can’t take advantage of a situation like that, don’t even get the gapper.

Only one out left…

…These guys are unreal.  I’d love to know what Harry and Whitey are talking about right now.”

“I Love These F*ing Guys!

Next, an all-out, love-fest of an article from the always-great but continually under-appreciated The House that Glanville Built:

That was that, I thought. Series tied 2-2. The Phils were down to their last out, and Broxton seemed like he could get one more. Except he couldn’t. Jimmy sensed that fear, looked for a pitch to drive, and on the third pitch he saw from Broxton, a 1-1 fastball in, Rollins roped one to the right-centerfield gap. The second he hit it, I jumped up off my chair and starting screaming/laughing/yelling/screaming some more. I knew not only was Bruntlett gonna score, but Chooch was too. I just knew. And I as I saw him coming into home, I screamed at the tops of my lungs, “I LOVE THESE FUCKING GUYS!!!!!!!!” I was losing my mind, running around the house, to the back door and running right into it. Then out the front door, running up and down Girard screaming. I couldn’t believe it. I still can’t. In an instant, I went from despondent, depressed and pissed to overcome with joy. In an instant, the Phils went from a 4-3 loss to even the series at 2-2, to an improbable, impossible 5-4 win to take a commanding 3-1 series lead. This team is un-fucking-real.

Honestly, un-fucking-real.

THTGB also decided to link to the following (which THTGB then described as “the hardest ball he’d ever seen hit”), which I decided to post myself as well, because, frankly, does watching Matthew Stairs tear the heart out of the Dodgers in the 2008 NLCS EVER get old?

“For Phillies it’s Not As Easy This Time But So WhaT”

And, finally, an article from a journalist, not because of its writing, however, but because of the fantastic quotes it had access to:

“Stairsy walked and you hear everybody in the dugout yelling, ‘Same seat, same seat,’ ” reliever Scott Eyre said, recounting the baseball superstition. “All that stuff we yell all the time. Then Carlos got hit and they were yelling even louder, ‘Same seat, same seat.’

” When Rollins got the hit, Eyre described the scene in the dugout as “pandemonium.”

And, a little while earlier, Lidge just shook his head and marveled and said, “A lot of teams say they play all 27 outs. I’ve never seen a team actually do it like this one.

More Angles of Chooch!!!

[via The Fightins, Beerleaguer, The House That Glanville Built and]

If you haven’t heard the ridiculous new single from The Legendary yet, now would be the time; here’s the brand new video, as well as some facts I stole from another blog that fill up some space:

Hip-Hop group The Roots support their new single entitled “How I Got Over” with a music video directed by BBGUN. The video sees a man on a wheelchair wandering through the street of Brooklyn and witnessing the seedy side of the town’s urban life.

“How I Got Over” is the title track from the band’s upcoming studio album called “How I Got Over”. The song was debuted live on TV for the first time during an episode of “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” back in June.

The Roots’ ninth studio album, “How I Got Over” itself is slated to be released across United States on October 20. It reportedly contains materials which have some political influences, like the presidencies of George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

[via Potholes in My Blog]

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