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Baby Sans Penis-Back

          If you’re confused right now, that’s ok; having spent the past 15 minutes gloating over how clever the title to this post is (especially when Perez Hilton‘s attempt at a “clever” title to the same story was “Baby Got (Penis) Back“…..WEAK), common sense dictates that I should probably go ahead and explain what these pictures of babies with and without penises on their backs are all about.  But allow me to ask you this, fair reader: does it really matter with a post title as awesome as this one?

       However, since I can’t really afford to lose any readers to a post that ends with a poor attempt at humor and an annoying rhetorical question, here’s the requisite penis-on-baby’s-back explanation:

        Born in China with a rare disease called fetus in fetu, this youngster came equipped with a second penis on his back (see “BEFORE” picture above).  After three hours of surgery doctors say the baby will be just fine, having successfully reduced the number of penises on his back to zero (see “AFTER” picture above).  Still no word, however, on whether the baby actually wants his “penis-back, penis-back, penis-back,” or if it was just another stroke of genius by Blogbdon.

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