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I’ve definitely never linked to my own blog on my own blog, but, considering the events of last night, and the possibilities as a result, I felt it necessary to remind fans of the show/Ms. Vergara’s cleavage:

Best show on TV:

So, now that Modern Family won the Emmy, will Sofia make good on her bet?  Here were her comments last night in response to a question from a reporter regarding the bet:

Sofia may not have actually done the run and returned to the event (the ad did note that another cast member could be substituted for the honor), but she is considering it.

“Would you step up to the plate?” Billy asked.

“Listen, I’m not afraid of anything. I’m Colombian,” Sofia said proudly.

Earlier in the night on the red carpet the actress told Billy that her small screen husband might step in for her.

“The good thing is that Ed O’Neill said that he will back me up in case something happens and I cannot do it. He’s gonna do it too,” she said.

[via Blogbdon]

The title of the upcoming Rolling Stone article on HBO’s hit show True Blood is called “The Joy of Vampire Sex,” and unless you watch the show then it’s probably hard to understand just how awesome this is.  The show deserves all the recognition it gets, and the cover of Rolling Stone is about as good as it gets…particularly for a TV show!

Some have found the cover “distasteful” and “inappropriate”.  Um, watch one episode of the show and you’ll understand what those two words really mean.  Personally, I could do with a little less male nudity on the cover, but, like viewers of the show know well, this is no different than the show itself, which shows more male ass than a locker room of ____ [insert joke that I don't feel like thinking of right now here].  So peep the cover, watch the show and f’ing enjoy:


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