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This shit is awesome if you like that brand of Onion-type humor and/or appreciate how easy it is to make fun of a sport that we Americans don’t understand:

…no homo though

[via Sports Dome on the Onion Sports Network]

This just in from sportspickle:

A week after rocking the NBA with charges that the 2002 and 2005 playoffs were rigged, former league referee Tim Donaghy hit basketball fans with another gut shot today by charging that beloved 1986 basketball movie “Hoosiers” was also scripted.
“Everyone from Gene Hackman to David Stern might try to deny it,” said Donagy, “but I know the truth. I saw a copy of the script a few years go. A street vendor was selling it in Manhattan.”
While Donaghy alleges that NBA referees merely influenced those playoff series in 2002 and 2005 with biased officiating, “Hoosiers,” he maintains, was scripted right down the last detail.
Those underhanded free throws that Ollie sinks?” he said. “All pre-arranged. In fact, they shot that scene eight times until he made them both. Running the picket fence? Get this – the defense knew it was coming because they had a copy of the script, yet they still let it get run on them. Unbelievable, but true.”

(Sorry for having to copy and paste the entire article, but there was no link available for me to link to (not sure if that’s proper grammar either)).

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