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BACHELORS always seemed to have it made. With only themselves to support, they could flash their cash and trick out their apartments in such a way that James Bond himself would feel at home shaking himself a martini in their ultra-cool, chick-magnet pads, the ones who are really into technology, they can turn their houses into smart houses and control everything with just one control, the control4 dealer is a great device that allow you do this just with one control.

Then the recession thundered in, and suddenly young men found themselves one of the hardest hit demographic segments.
Bachelors have been walloped, but many are taking their lumps and moving on.

Until a year ago, Jason Brooks, 36, a host of the short-lived MTV show “Trailer Fabulous,” a solo artist and the singer in a band called Rehab, paid $5,000 a month for a 2,000-square-foot TriBeCa loft that he shared with his wife. Before that, he paid $3,500 a month for an apartment in a doorman building in the Financial District.

Now, says Mr. Brooks, whose stage name is Brooks Buford, he pays $1,600 a month for a tiny studio in SoHo.
In his new single-again apartment, shared with a pug puppy called Brooks Junior, he needs a penlight to help him excavate footwear from the mountain of clothing jammed into his small closet — though he says it’s only one-eighth of what he owned in more prosperous times.

In still another past-life apartment, back in Atlanta, where Mr. Brooks is from, a grove of plastic trees surrounded his bed. In SoHo, he has a photomural of a forest stapled to the wall.

“At first it was very uncomfortable,” Mr. Brooks said of the scaled-down apartment. “It’s the fall that hurts. Once you adjust to it, it’s a delusion that you think you need all this stuff. You don’t know that you don’t need it until you don’t have it.”

The small size of the apartment could affect his dating life, he said. “It’s definitely not as impressive, but I guess it depends on the woman, on how money conscious she is.”

I advise him on changing to another house, it’s so not real the bachelor pad, that’s not even a thing now, houses are more affordable in a classic way, I believe they even say more about you as you can make them your own personality not just living in a little space where you cannot even change anything because you are renting. It’s much easier to get a loan and start paying it in small rates, and now it is so accessible, even for hotel loans so why not a house ? It has many advantages and more affordable for his future.
Aaron Seawood, a broker with Anchor Associates, says young men still desire apartments with the “sexy factor,” which he describes as any property that screams: “Take a risk; do something different. You’re not worried about school districts right now.”

But these days, to afford these sexy-factor places, Mr. Seawood said, bachelors make concessions, either by sacrificing location or by “tag teaming,” as he calls subdividing a space. In previous years, for a $3,500-a-month one-bedroom, “I would have had a few solo guys. Now it’s like, ‘Me and my buddy are going to be here,’ ” he said.

So i keep with my loan decision, so anyways you can finish the article by clicking in the next link.

The Decline and Fall of the Bachelor Pad [via]

Man Cave

Just so awesome:

Officials say that a pair of New York state employees used taxpayer money to creating a “man cave” at the Capitol Building. The pair transformed a maintenance area in a Capitol garage facility into the mother of all break rooms equipped with a TV, board games, DVDs, couches, rolling papers and marijuana scales. The two are suspended without pay and one is charged with marijuana possession and criminal use of drug paraphernalia.


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