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Last week Kottke proclaimed the following to be the best flag in the world:


That’s the flag of the Benin Empire, a pre-colonial African state situated in modern Nigeria that lasted from 1440 until 1897.

While quite awesome in its own respect, I must object to Mr. Kottke’s proclamation.  Frankly, for my money, I don’t think it gets any better than the flag of the country in which I currently reside: that of the Democratic Republic of the Congo…about 15 years ago.  The current regime’s idea of a flag pales in comparison to the one (below) that flew over the Congo during the years of Mobutu’s reign, from 1971 to 1997, a time when the country went by a name, Zaire, that didn’t hide from the fact that inserting the word “Democratic” into the name of a country doesn’t necessarily mean that it is one.
Mobutu Sese Seko, the country’s president/dictator/all-around-pretty-shitty-guy for 31 years, changed the flag almost immediately after taking power of the country in 1965.
[The] flag was changed upon the renaming of the country to Zaire in 1971. The Zaire flag….was created as part of Mobutu’s attempted re-Africanization of the nation and was used officially until Mobutu’s overthrow in 1997.
It was  written into the country’s constitution twenty years later.  The Constitution of Zaire was adopted July 5th, 1990, and the flag was described in article 4 of Title 1 (The Territory and sovereignty of the Republic) as follows:

Article 4: The emblem of the Republic is a light green flag, ornamented in the centre with a yellow circle in which a right hand is holding a torch with a red flame.

No, Mobutu was not your traditional leader.  But man did he pick a bomb ass flag….
Sorry “pre-colonial African state situated in modern Nigeria,” I think Zaire takes the cake this time; score one for Mr. Sese Seko.
[via Kottke (for a change)]
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