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Quite the gem I found here, I won’t lie; it’s a video of Kanye from 2002 (we’re talking pre-College Dropout here) when he actually pulls up in his other other Benz for the very first time (and by “pull up” I mean “purchase for the first time”…not quite as cool but, nonetheless, quite dope) -  turns out it’s also the same day he recorded his verse for “Bounce,” the first song on which he ever rapped alongside Jay (as opposed to just producing the track), off The Blueprint 2:



“They say I’m crazy, but I’m about to go dumb again,
They ain’t seen me cause I pulled up in my other Benz,
Last week I was in my other other Benz…”

- Kanye West – “Otis” – Watch the Throne



“Tell ‘em I just want my racks, racks on racks on racks/
Maybachs on bachs on bachs on bachs on bachs

- Jay-Z & Kanye West – “Gotta Have It” – Watch the Throne

[via Rosewood & Vimeo]

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