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Man Cave

Just so awesome:

Officials say that a pair of New York state employees used taxpayer money to creating a “man cave” at the Capitol Building. The pair transformed a maintenance area in a Capitol garage facility into the mother of all break rooms equipped with a TV, board games, DVDs, couches, rolling papers and marijuana scales. The two are suspended without pay and one is charged with marijuana possession and criminal use of drug paraphernalia.


This is easily the greatest idea for a movie ever: take the idea behind “Super-Size Me” (man eats McDonald’s for 30 days and sees whether he gets fat) and switch “McDonald’s food” with “marijuana.” Comedian Doug Benson (surprisingly named High Times Magazine’s 2006 “Stoner of the Year“) has put this idea to fruition AND called it “Super High Me” to boot. Watch this trailer and tell me that this movie won’t blow “There Will Be Blood” out of the water. Apparently, this will be released on DVD on June 10th, so mark your calendars.

And, since I suck ass at writing, here is Wikipedia‘s blurb on the movie:

Super High Me documents Doug Benson avoiding marijuana for 30 days and then smoking marijuana every day for 30 days in a row mostly using vaporizers from Benson claims that Super High Me is “‘Super Size Me’ with weed instead of McDonalds”. To make sure alcohol wouldn’t affect the results, he didn’t drink for the two months he filmed the documentary. Benson actually gained 8 pounds during the “high” month. Everything Doug Benson did in the film is legal in California. The film also includes interviews with marijuana activists, dispensary owners, politicians and patients who comprise the medical marijuana movement. Benson claims that he tells kids “you should not smoke pot until you become a professional comedian”.

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