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Due to final exams, this “Linkz of the Week” posting (by the way: notice that I intentionally spelled “links” with a “z”!) is a couple of days late, so please pretend as though it is Sunday and to mentally prepare for the upcoming week, you decide to wind down with Blogbdon’s favorite internetties of the week.  Now, enjoy:

1. A great Craigslist posting by Rich Bigdollars looking for a woman to spend some time with

I am so rich. Goodness, gracious. My, my, my. I am so, very, very wealthy. How many dollars do I have? That’s a question only my team of ten fat accountants can answer, because they have golden calculators which I bought for them with my money. And what is on those golden calculators? Numbers. And those numbers equal the dollars in my bank accounts, which are huge. 

2. Still looking for that perfect belated-birthday gift for your favorite blogmaster?  Well, here are two items right up my aisle (this & this).

3. The Final Jeopardy blog, which posts the newest Final Jeopardy question every day.  Officially filed under the “cool idea, but not quite cool enough for me to ever go back there” section.

4. A really fucking cool 360-degree panoramic view from on top of Everest.  It makes me feel like Manute Bol.  Or even taller.

5. A project/website called AllStreets, where this guy decided to plot all 26 million roads onto a map of the U.S.  What’s cool about it is that no other boundaries or landmarks were added besides the roads, yet natural features like rivers and mountains emerge naturally from the road system.  Here’s some more info on how it was made.  This guy, who apparently has plenty of time on his hands, also did a similar project called zipdecode, involving plotting distributions of zipcodes on a U.S. map.

6. From the drug-awareness department, a blog designed to inform you of the dangers of a certain substance: things you can’t do coked up.

7. Drawings of characters and scenes from “The Wire” in the style of “The Simpsons:” I have never even seen the show and thought these were sick.

8. I’ve always known my dad works in a weird place, but the headlines out of the Democratic Republic of the Congo this past week were exceptionally odd, even by the Congo’s standards: “Sorcerers with Gold Rings are Shrinking Men’s Penises in the Congo” and “Lynchings in Congo as Penis Theft Panic Hits Capital.”  Maybe the only weirder headline of the week was “Teen Using Lighter to Look in Gas Tank Burned.”

(in case you were wondering, I have spoken to my dad and he has confirmed that, as yet, he remains unscathed by any and all genital sorcery)

9. Learn some shit today: the top 10 myths about the romans and the top 10 brilliant Playboy ads (FYI: they can push the envelope a little more overseas in the way of advertising)

10. Get cultured today: meet the invisible artist, see the Mona Lisa made of 320,000 train tickets, peep the world’s most beautiful bridges and revel in the world’s most amazing geological oddities.


And to all that have sent me links to potential Blogbdon-worthy material, by all means please keep ‘em coming; even though I would have inevitably found what you sent me, it always helps to save a few dozen hours of web-surfing when trying to lead a “productive” life.  Best.



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