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By now almost everyone has heard of Stuff White People Like, and there’s a good chance that they heard about it from Blogbdon all the way back in February. While I continue to check my inbox for my thank-you e-mail from them, considering my publicity was at least a direct factor for their recently landing a $300,000 book deal, you can check out the new hot website: the not-quite-as-funny Stuff Nobody Likes.

A great article listing 10 unfortunate facts of life/10 things every adult should know.

Real interesting shit explaining why eating a big mac is cheaper than eating a salad.

Finally, it’s Frankie’s new favorite website: Damn Interesting. Just look at this description of it, found on MSN’s Top 10 Web Sites You’ve Never Heard Of:

If you ever find yourself sucked in by the occasional History Channel special, you’ll quickly get lost in Damn Interesting, a blog that writes long-form historical summaries of just about anything that’s, well … damn interesting. Read about the bizarre saga of the Trans-Siberian Railway, or the story of the failed invention of wireless electricity. If you’re in need of an engaging academic time-waster, you’ve found it.

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