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Ok, first off, I’ll admit that I am certainly one to use hyperbole on occasion (e.g. the post below this one), but if you don’t agree with the title of this post then you are just a shitass.  Now, you may have heard of OK Go, and, if so, the reason you have is probably the only reason I’ve heard of them as well: their incredible video for “Here it Goes Again,” that bomb-ass video where they all dance/skate on treadmills synchronized with the music using one of the recommended boost pedals, etc (refresh your memory below).  Well that video has officially been moved down to #2 on the list of greatest music videos of all time (Michael Jackson’s “Jam” video featuring Michael Jordan notwithstanding) to make room for OK Go’s most recent effort, the video for “This Too Shall Pass,” which somehow outdoes their previous effort with the most amazing spectacle of Rube Goldberg-like shit I’ve ever seen (and that includes Ethan’s favorite Honda commercial, which is bomb also, but not quite as awesome):

Relatively interesting backstory from Vulture that mentions Rube Goldberg too:

A few weeks back, OK Go lead singer Damien Kulash made an impassioned plea to his record label in the op-ed section of the New York Times to please, please, PLEASE allow bloggers and other unsavory social-media types to embed their YouTube music videos. You see, the label had shortsightedly disabled the embed feature that made the band popular in the first place, which Kulash effectively argued was limiting the band’s appeal and revenue-generating ability. Well, coincidentally enough, the band just so happens to have a new(ish) LP out and, what do you know, today they released a brand-new video! And guess what? After taking a beating in the court of public opinion, their record label caved and now this newly minted “controversial” video that you’re about to see will be embedded on thousands of websites within the next twelve hours or so. Controversy aside, the band has actually done the impossible and managed to top their groundbreaking “Here It Goes Again” by developing what will no doubt go down in history as the mother of all Rube Goldberg contraptions. On top of that, we’re fairly certain that this video’s majesty will inspire Hollywood to start fast-tracking a Mouse Trap feature film by week’s end.

OK Go – “Here it Goes Again”

[via Vulture]

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