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In a post on his blog entitled “Norma Rae”, Michael Ian Black jumps into the discussion surrounding the Conan stituation but sees it from a different angle than most others have, and I kind of find it refreshing – well, at least a lot more refreshing than the jokes he makes on VH1′s “Top 25 Sexiest Videos of the 2000′s,” which is just about the only place you see him these days:*

“How did a Harvard-educated, multi-millionaire late night talk show host magically transmogrify into a guy who got laid off at the local car plant? The overreaction to Conan’s departure has been kind of astounding; as a nation, are we really that concerned about who hosts “The Tonight Show,” a television program that stopped being culturally relevant around 1986?

And let’s not forget, it’s not as if Conan was cancelled. He quit. He walked away from “The Tonight Show” because he rightly or wrongly felt that moving the show half an hour later would destroy the show’s integrity. Okay, fine. But let’s not act as if he’s leading a sit-in at a segregated lunch counter. It’s not that big a deal.”

[via VultureMichael Ian Black]

* NOTE: Shitty VH1 countdowns or not, his opinion will always resonate with me considering he was in the greatest movie of all time, the 2001 classic Wet Hot American Summer

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