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So, apparently a company called Birdland Philadelphia has teamed up with one of the best Phils blogs around, The Fightins, to sell some really, really awesome Phils Championship shirts that are well worth checking out, if not ordering all of (what, do you think we actually recognize the fact that 5 months have passed? you’ll NEVER hear the end of this; I’m just letting you all outside of Philly know right now):

WFC-thefightins.jpg Philly1MENS.jpgNoQuestionsMEN.jpgLidgeMEN.jpgJ_C_R_C.jpg2008blue.jpg

[via Birdland]


Hmmm…an interesting suggestion by Awful Announcing:

Everyone has been looking far and wide for someone other than Erin Andrews that will draw page view to their website, and the only person that has come close in recent years is Hannah Storm. About three or four times a week, I get a “did you see what Storm was wearing this morning?!” email, and now someone has taken the time to compile an extensive collection of her wardrobe choices on Flickr

And be sure to click on that Flickr link, if only to see how sick some people are.

[Via Awful Announcing]

I love Kanye and am not ashamed to admit it.  However, I have spent hours upon days thinking about this and still have yet to come to a conclusion: is this picture cool or not? Methinks it is, but mehave also been studying for the bar exam for the past 3 weeks straight and am currently brain-f’ed.  Any help would be appreciated, though I fully expect any and all comments in response to this posting to be spam.


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