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Reluctantly taking a quick break from the Phillies Seriesgasm (as Deadspin so eloquently puts it), I just remembered something Halloween-related that I forgot to post about a while ago: Project Bueller.  I haven’t been in NYC for a while now, so I’m not sure whether this is the type of thing that is actually getting press or just some people talking on the internet, but, either way, it’s an awesome idea, and it sure as hell looks great on paper.  Here is the “Project Bueller” team’s letter to Matthew Broderick, inviting him to take part in the event:

Dear Matthew Broderick,

In 1986, you made a movie that has been the standing template for cool since the day it was released. It has inspired and given people the courage to rock and roll and live authentically, a principle we would now like to celebrate in a most festive fashion this Friday night.

At 7:00 pm in the middle of 6th Ave, we are recreating the parade scene from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off as a part of the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade. We’ve got a 28 ft float, over 1,000 volunteers, balloons, sound equipment, and a whole entire marching band. There are no corporate ties to the event and it’s mostly just a group of friends looking to cultivate massive amounts of positive energy and for everyone to have an epically good time.

Our mission is to get everyone on the streets of NYC dancing until we reach or surpass the approximate enjoyment level of the original scene. We’ve been working hard to get all the pieces in place to give us the best chances of accomplishing this, and would now like to invite you to help us make this happen!!

Your role, if you choose to accept it, is to take over the float for one lip synching rendition of Twist & Shout in front of the TV camera crews stationed at 10th St & 6th Ave. With your brilliant coup, the crowd will absolutely go wild and NYC will erupt into one of the greatest and most joyous celebrations in the history of celebration in general.

Please let us know if you’re up for it. 2 million people are anticipated to view the event and would outrageously enjoy seeing you.

Thanks so much and have a super excellent evening!
Mina Karimi & Kara Suhey

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