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This is kind of nuts, but, as you can see below, the World Cup winners have been oddly symmetrical when graphed.  Therefore, Germany must win when they take on a talented Spanish team on Wednesday…and then go on to beat the other winner in the finals on Sunday.  Why?  Because this graph says so, and the internet never lies.


[via Theusrus & Buzzfeed]

Here’s yet another brilliant infographic from Flip Flop Fly Ball, this one documenting the last player from each baseball team to wear Jackie Robinson’s uniform number, #42, which was retired league-wide in 1997. Twelve players were allowed to continue to wear the number “per a grandfather clause,” and, as indicated by the final name on the graph, only one of the twelve remain in the league thirteen years later.  However, it is fitting that the one player who still wears #42 to this day (and who will be the last player to ever wear #42) is Mariano Rivera, the Yankees legendary relief pitcher, who will almost undoubtedly go down as the greatest closer of all time.

(click picture for large,full-screen view)

[via Flip Flop Fly Ball]

I love baseball.  I also love graphs.  Thus, baseball graphs are basically internet cocaine for me (notice how I alluded to this in the title).  This isn’t the best one over at Flip Flop Fly Ball, but it is certainly the newest:

[via (the bomb ass) Flip Flop Fly Ball]

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