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And the video for Cee-Lo’s hit single has dropped…and it’s pretty awesome; I think kids cursing is awesome, and this video features quite a bit of it:


Cee-Lo Green’s viralFuck You” has finally got a video, and, like the song itself, it’s pretty sweet. (Though we have no idea how they’re going to manipulate it to look like he’s saying “Forget You,”should it ever air on television). In keeping with the song’s sound, the video has a retro vibe going, taking place in a 1950s diner full of Motown styled backup singers. There a young Cee-Lo stand-in (an adorably lackadaisical lip-syncher), a high school age Cee-Lo, and then Cee-Lo himself — in an awesome red-plaid jacket and matching glasses — go tell a “heartbreaker” what she can do.

[via Vulture]

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