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Even after reading the title of this post and looking at that picture, there is still really only a small chance that you are actually asking yourself what might be in this riddle of a sandwich called the “McGangBang.” Understanding and completely ignoring that fact, I’m going to give you just that : an exact description of what it is, courtesy of Eat me daily‘s in-depth, no-holds-barred introspective into the delicacy – The McGangBang: a McChicken Sandwich Inside a Double Cheeseburger [a chronicle]:

The McGangBang ranks up there in the holy pantheon of WTF. It’s a sandwich made from a double cheeseburger and a McChicken sandwich — where you put an entire McChicken sandwich inside a double cheeseburger. It’s a creative manipulation of existing menu items, and an exercise in frugality: taking two items off of the Dollar Menu and creating an entirely new sandwich for a total of $2.16. Truly, it’s a sandwich that’s more than the sum of its parts.

The naming, of course, is somewhat obscene — “gangbang” is defined as “sexual intercourse with multiple partners in turn or at the same time.” It’s illicit in more ways that one — chicken and beef most definitely make for an unnatural pairing.

Now, if you haven’t already vomited on your keyboard, then there’s a good chance you’re high and, thus, as a matter of fact, are already putting on your shoes on your way to the McDonalds down the street to construct your own. If that’s the case, then why not first educate yourself in the art of ordering the McGangBang, which, frighteningly, in addition to absolutely everything else about the sandwich, is also detailed in the article:

In addition, it’s sort of a subversive act for people to order it by name, as well as a thrill to confound the McDonald’s employee with an order for a McGangBang — so much so that people are documenting their experiences at drive-thrus and counters on YouTube (see the many, many videos [below]).

In some locations, the McGangBang appears to have become part of the McDonald’s employee lexicon — explanation is unnecessary — they know how to make it, much like the off-the-menu items at In-N-Out.

An oft-repeated quote from user DasKosmischeVonUT on the VWVortex forumssums it up:

It’s kind of like having a threesome with two ugly chicks. While it’s happening you’re stoked, because hey threesome!!! But once you’re finished it kinda sinks in about what you’ve done.

We just had to do some research — we searched high and low, with Google, messageboards, YouTube, Flickr, and Twitter. Its origins are elusive — even how it’s made varies — but what we do know is that it dates back to at least 2006. Herein we collect every bit of information we could find

Salutations, and God Bless America.

[via Eat me daily]

ASIDE: If you made it all the way down here in the post, it means one of two things: you’re officially my new best friend, or that you’re just my old best friend, Steve, the guy that reads this thing.

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