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Even though I wish “Eric Bruntlett” and the “2009 Phillies” didn’t have to be in the same picture, it’s still really awesome:

2009 Phillies Facial Hair

Buy your own copy here!

[via The Fightins]

For the best shave
Get your skin wet and hair to soften so do it after shower and your skin will be warm and free of excess oil and dead skin that can clog your razor blade.
Apply a foaming shaving cream if you have very sensitive skin look one in the label that works for you. a shave brush can help you by lifting the hairs and more evenly coating them with the shaving cream and learn Tips on how to make your beard look better and fuller.
Let the cream sit for two or three minutes, it helps the shaving cream penetrate the hairs and soften them.
Rinse after each swipe of the razor and after shaving rinse your face with cold water to reduce inflammation, then apply moisturizer that will help close your pores and trap water in your skin while the sunscreen will help you protect your skin from the suns harmful ultraviolet rays.
Store your razor in a dry area and in between shaves make sure it is dry to avoid bacteria.

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