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So it’s time to gear up…again:

Beat LA again Hoody

And, not to rub it in to you L.A.’ers, but there are other options available to you Phils fans as well; for example, you could always pick up one of these, you know, again, just in case you forgot, um, what happened last year…:

Stairs HoodyWe’ll just leave it at that. I aint taking the blame for any jinxes here or anything like that…

And with no affiliation or anything whatsoever, I seriously recommend checking out the above and all of the other awesome shirts at Birdland for all you Philly fans out there; they’re awesome.

Finally, this is funny:

Cry Cry Cry

WFC Take II – L.A. here we come!

[via The Fightins]

As if the whole Manny fiasco wasn’t enough, it must pale in comparison to the embarassment that will forever be associated with the 1986 Dodgers, who felt compelled to make the following video (called the “Baseball Boogie” no less) and tarnish their illustrious history forever.  I’m not sure if they were celebrating their 73-89 season, trying to capitalize off of the far-less-awful 1985 Bears’ Super Bowl Shuffle or just doing what they normally did after practice, but one thing I am sure of is that Orel Hershiser is thrilled that because of the internet, this video, and all the memories associated with it, will never, EVER go away.  So make sure to pay close attention to Orel, if you can take your eyes off those hot 80′s groupies, and enjoy:

All I know is that the WFC’s didn’t make ANY rap videos.  None.  In fact, the only “videos” they have made have been funny-ass national commercials by Jimmy Rollins.

[thanks E]

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