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Derrick Rose slammed home the MVP against the Knicks last night in spectacular fashion, highlighted by two dunks in particular that are simply unbelievable for a player listed at 6’3.” The guy is absolutely unreal, and it will be an outright travesty if he’s somehow robbed of the MVP, though I don’t think he’s left much room for debate with the way that he’s played over the last few weeks of the season.
The first dunk here is the alley-oop that he caught last night, a normal lob that he somehow manages to catch with two-hands, throw down with one-hand and do it all in traffic on top of everything:

And then here’s your run-of-the-mill, double-clutch reverse-dunk (that would have won the dunk contest in 1993 a la Harold Miner) but that D-Rose decided to do on a breakaway last night:

And, finally, because no Derrick Rose v. Knicks video-post is complete without what he did to them in November of this season, here is that dunk again, which, in my opinion, remains the dunk of the year…and that’s with all the Blake Griffin dunks included:

Kind of makes you feel bad for the Knicks though right? Nah, me neither. D-Rose: you’re my hero.*

[via Byron & SI & YouTube]

* “Hero” meaning “Hero who isn’t Michael Jordan…”

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