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This internet thing is really something…

Not only is NASA,the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, going to attempt to put another lander on Mars, but this time their doing it live on the Internet for all to see.

According to Michael Learmonth of Silicon Valley Insider, starting at 6 PM EST today [this was posted on May 25th], people can head to NASA’s website, or Second Life, to watch as NASA attempts to put the Phoenix Mars Lander down on solid ground. I only say “attempts” as missions to Mars have had a checkered past over the years, but the twin rovers of Spirit and Opportunity have certainly proven it can be done. If successful, the first message from Phoenix will be received at 8 PM EST to let mission control know that the lander has in fact touched down and the status of its components.

Rad. Aliens.

UPDATE [5/26]: The Phoenix successfully landed on Mars, but, sadly, it seems as though no aliens have been discovered……yet.  Let me know if you are able to spot any aliens in these pictures taken from the mission thus far.  You can follow the rest of its mission at this site or on Twitter.

The “Night Lights” map was the first world map of the nighttime Earth, using data compiled by NASA and NOAA:


(click on the picture for a much better look at it)

More pictures of cities from space

UPDATE: Just realized I’ve written about this before.  Sorry, it’s finals time.

UPDATE 2: Why not: another picture from space, this time depicting New York City and the eastern seaboard.

NYC from space

More on New York City and East Coast lights.

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