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Considering how sparse decent rap releases have become, I have hope that 2008 will bring a little more in the way of hip hop than 2007. Here is a list of “proposed” releases for the upcoming year, taken directly from, with the ones that I am excited for (all that matters, since I’m the one who reads this blog) in bold:

1. Dr. Dre – “Detox” (Aftermath)****************2. Ghostface / MF Doom – “Swift & Changable” (Nature Sounds)****************3. Nas – “N***er” (Def Jam)*****************4. Raekwon – “Only Built For Cuban Linx 2″ (Aftermath)*******************5. Lil Wayne – “The Carter 3″ (Cash Money)6. The Roots – “Rising Down” (Def Jam)********************7. Del – “The 11th Hour” (Definitive Jux / Hieroglyphics)8. Atmosphere – “When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold” (Rhymesayers)9. T.I. – “Paper Trail” (Atlantic)10. J-Live – “Then What Happened” (BBE)11. Papoose – “Papoose – The Nacirema Dream” (Columbia)12. The Game – “The D.O.C. (Diary Of Compton)” (Geffen)13. Skillz – “The Million Dollar Backpack” (Koch)14. Fat Joe – “The Elephant In The Room (Koch)15. Rhymefest – “El Che” (J Records)16. Sa-Ra Creative Partners – “Nuclear Evolution: The Age Of Love” (Ubiquity)17. 50 Cent – “Before I Self Destruct” (G-Unit)18. Lupe Fiasco – “L.U.P.End”********************19. Busta Rhymes – “Back On My Bullshit” (Aftermath)*************20. Kanye West – “A Good Ass Job” (Def Jam)****************21. Madlib + MF Doom – Madvillan 2 (Stones Throw)****************22. Mos Def – “The Ecstatic” (Downtown Recordings)***************23. Stat Quo – “Statlanta” (Shady/Aftermath)24. J. Dilla – “Jay Love Japan” – Re-Release**************25. KRS-One – “Adventures In Emceein” (Koch)*****************26. AZ – “Undeniable” (Koch)***************27. Foxy Brown – “Brooklyn’s Don Diva” (Koch)28. Kool G. Rap – “Half A Klip” (Koch)****************29. Akrobatik – “Absolute Value” (Koch)30. Ludacris – “Theatre Of The Mind” (Def Jam)**31. Timbaland – “Shock Value II” (Interscope)**32. Saigon – “The Greatest Story Never Told” (Fort Knox)*****33. Bishop Lamont – “The Reformation” (Aftermath)34. Royce Da 5′9 – “The Revival” (Babygrande)*****************35. Andre 3000 Solo LP (LaFace)*****************36. Outkast – Atliens 2 (LaFace)****************37. Snoop Dogg – “Ego Trippin’” (Geffen)38. The Cool Kids – “The Bake Sale” (Chocolate Industries)39. Cesar Comanche – “Die In Your Lap” (Hall Of Justus / ABB)40. Pete Rock – “NY’s Finest” (Nature Sounds)*************41. Lil Jon – “Crunk Rock” (TVT)42. G-Unit – “Shoot To Kill” (G-Unit)43. Missy Elliot – “The Countdown” (Atlantic)44. Edgar Allen Floe – “The Streetwise LP” (MCEO Records)45. Sean Price & Chaundon – “A Tale Of Two Seans” (Duck Down)**************46. 9th Wonder & Buckshot – “Chemistry 2″ (Duck Down)***************47. Rock of Heltah Skeltah – “Shell Shock” (Duck Down)***************48. Cee-Lo & Jack Splash “Love Stink” (Counterflow)49. Gnarls Barkley – Sophomore LP (Downtown Recordings)50. MF Doom – “Doomposter” (Rhymesayers)**************** 


Some comments on that list:

1. My ass Outkast releases an album together this year; we’d be lucky if we got both solo albums in 2008.2. I can’t tell whether Edgar Allen Floe is just about the dumbest or hottest name I’ve ever heard.3. I can tell that When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold is just about the funniest name for an album I’ve ever heard.4. Detox/Carter III? I’ll believe it when I see it…

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