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The title of the upcoming Rolling Stone article on HBO’s hit show True Blood is called “The Joy of Vampire Sex,” and unless you watch the show then it’s probably hard to understand just how awesome this is.  The show deserves all the recognition it gets, and the cover of Rolling Stone is about as good as it gets…particularly for a TV show!

Some have found the cover “distasteful” and “inappropriate”.  Um, watch one episode of the show and you’ll understand what those two words really mean.  Personally, I could do with a little less male nudity on the cover, but, like viewers of the show know well, this is no different than the show itself, which shows more male ass than a locker room of ____ [insert joke that I don't feel like thinking of right now here].  So peep the cover, watch the show and f’ing enjoy:


Now I believe the title to be a BIT misleading, as I don’t think you necessarily should know these 15 things…but they remain 15 interesting things about breasts certainly won’t hurt you to know, but, more importantly, will also give you an excuse to look at cartoon-drawn pictures of boobs at work and then just say that you’re learning:


Also, definitely click on this picture to zoom in…

[via Online Schools]


Via The Onion:

The Office of the Plastic Surgeon General doing
Sculpt Surgery—headed by a presidential appointee tasked with monitoring the national aesthetic, alerting the public to any small flaws, and offering a wide range of affordable, noninvasive laser resurfacing options—first addressed the countrywide plague of undersized breasts in the mid-1980s by demanding that manufacturers of A- through C-cup bras place large warning labels on their products informing female consumers of the potential risk of having deficient bosoms, so they decide to do cosmetic surgeries for these, since women take care of their aspect a lot, they also look for other professionals as an eye brow designer for treatments as microblading from sites as Since taking the position in 2001, Dr. Saddler has continued these education efforts, launching several ad campaigns and personally reaching out to women all across the nation. “The undersized breasts problem in the United States has reached crisis level,” Saddler said during a press conference held at the National Centers for Rhinoplasty and Microdermabrasion. “Unless they receive immediate cosmetic treatment, millions of women in this country will lose the attention of their male acquaintances completely, and some may never be able to land husbands or, if they are somehow already married, keep their husbands’ interest.”

And one can never forget the all-important self-test:

A woman who suspects that she may have this condition can verify it with an extremely quick, normally painless test,” said Saddler, later adding that symptoms such as a fluid, natural movement of the bosom or any breast shape other than a perfectly round, rock-hard grapefruit should also serve as definitive warning signs. “It’s as simple as consulting a trained professional such as a strip-club bouncer or licensed drywaller to assess your personal risk.”

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