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This is a pretty awesome visualization of every NBA Championship Ring (organized by team) from the year 1947 onward.  One thing to note is that, try as you may, you will not find a ring of LeDouche’s in this picture, as he has yet to win an NBA title; last night’s beautiful loss to the Dallas Mavericks dropped him to 0-2 in the Finals during his “productive” 8-year career:

[via Hoopism]

Jimmy and His Ring

Jimmy and His Ring

Peep these suckers.  103 diamonds: one for each of the Philadelphia Phillies’ victories on their way to capturing the World Series title this past season.  Yup, they won it, the World Series, and now they are the defending World Champions.  World Fucking Champions.  World Fucking Champions that pulled off an amazing win today, capping off a memorable afternoon by coming back to notch their first win of the season after having trailed 10-3 in the bottom of the 7th (peep the FanGraph of the game here).  Moving right along, here are some pictures of that hotness, courtesy of the ZoZone; as per usual, click on the pictures for a better look:

Ring Top

Side Ring Left

Side Ring Right

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