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Here is an excerpt from “How to look at billboards,” a fascinating essay by Howard Gossage from the February 1960 issue of Harpers:

What a billboard looks like has nothing to do with whether it ought to be there. Nor does the fact that it carries advertising have anything to do with it, either. It would be the same thing if it were devoted exclusively to reproductions of the old masters; just as the open range would have been the same thing if they had only run peacocks on it. The real question is: has outdoor advertising the right to exist at all?

It’s interesting to read such a perspective on billboards and advertising considering how much has changed in the 50 years since – so definitely read the whole thing if that snippet tickled your fancy.  But if your fancy does not get tickled by snippets such as the one above, then maybe this video of a fat kid dancing to AC/DC is more your thing (we appeal to people of all tastes here at Blogbdon)(and this video is highly recommended to people of all fancies):

[via Buildings and Food and Buzzfeed]

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