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If you haven’t seen any of BLU’s stop-motion, wall-mural crazy-ass videos, then you’re missing out.  I’ll admit my A.D.D. didn’t allow me to get through all eight minutes of this one, but this shit remains some of the most impressive stuff I’ve ever seen.  I can’t imagine the amount of time this takes to put together…it’s kind of mind-boggling (on his blog he says “I just want to say THANKS! to all the friends who helped me during the last year,” which suggests that it really probably does take a year to create).  Anyway, this newest one is called BIG BANG BIG BOOM, and it takes his previous efforts to an even higher level.  Just peep it:

What is the video about?  Well, as BLU puts it:

an unscientific point of view on the beginning and evolution of life … and how it could probably end.

Too many drugs man.  But sick video.

[via Vimeo]

The following “serigraphs,” which, it turns out, are merely “print[s] made by the silk-screen process,” were produced by the award-winning design and illustration studio of Jason Kernevich and Dustin Summers as part of  “From Sea to Shining Sea,” their most recent series of posters which beautifully depict eight of America’s most remarkable cities.

Here are (of course) my two favorites:




You can check out the rest of the collection (or order one for just $30) at The Heads of State.

[via SVPPLY]

The Best Movie Posters of the Decade – Coming in at #7 on this list is the poster for “The Girlfriend Experience,” my previously-proclaimed favorite poster of all-time (an ironic decision by Soderbergh, it turns out, since, unfortunately, I recently learned that it also happens to be the worst movie of all time as well) [via The Auteurs]

Can you believe that such free/hilarious speech as depicted below, considered completely appropriate when published 70 years ago, would be considered “inappropriate” in today’s society?! Where have our rights as Americans gone?

Guy Blowing Girl

Oh yeah, well I guess it’s kinda sexist.  But it’s still hilarious isn’t it?!

For more sexist vintage advertisements, hit up here and here.

[via oobject & The Stupid Net]

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