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Pujols and BradleyOh Bradley…You Were So Young Then…

Sure, most of us probably know about the sick game that Albert Pujols had yesterday.  But did you know that he’s now calling his shots?

The following is an excerpt from today’s St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

After opening the third inning with a fly out, Pujols returned to the Cardinals clubhouse to review video. There he predicted to assistant hitting coach Mike Aldrete that his next at-bat would ricochet off the yet-to-open Royals Hall of Fame behind the visitors bullpen in left field. “He didn’t say he might hit the Hall of Fame. He said he would hit the Hall of Fame,” Aldrete recalled . . . When Meche finally threw the pitch, Pujols swatted it some 423 feet off a Hall of Fame window.

While he’s no Matt Stairs, I’m definitely happy he’s on my fantasy team.

[via ShysterBall]

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