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Absolutely nuts; I’ll let Kottke describe it…because he’s much funnier than me:

A. Travis Pastrana. He’s that guy who can do a double backflip on a motorcycle.
B. Megaramp. The massive ramps used by skateboarders and BMXers to launch themselves dozens of feet into the air.
C. Big Wheel. Beloved children’s toy.

Here’s A backflipping a C on a B. Just watch:

[via Kottke]

Yes, it’s more hyperbole, but no it’s not bullshit. Look at what respected hip-hop blog It’s All the Way Live had to say about Black Thought, the eternally underrated frontman and MC for The Roots, and the freestyle he recently spit on Shade 45 in a tribute to the late producer-extraordinaire J Dilla:

Black Thought has been considered by many to be among the best emcees of all time, but after his incredible ‘freestyles’ on the Shade 45 Dilla tribute recently, many hip-hop heads bowed down and gave him the crown as THE greatest. Even Q-Tip was at a loss for words when it came his time to grab the mic. While this has been floating around the net for a bit, here’s our exclusive mix of the session, with some of the levels raised (including bass) and mastered properly. I edited out Tony Toca (sorry pal) and everything flows perfectly. Enjoy raw emceeing at its finest over Dilla beats.

Honestly, that introduction might not even do it justice. Admittedly, it’s virtually impossible for Thought to have spit all of this off the dome, forcing us to put quotation marks around the word “freestyle,” but even if every word of it was written down it is STILL nothing short of remarkable. It’s a rare combination of extraordinary lyrics, a smooth, natural flow and a sick Dilla beat, and what you get is a showcase of the enormous talent that is Black Thought, who so often gets overlooked while surrounded by the universally-recognized brilliance of The Roots (and the charisma of his fellow bandmate, drummer ?uestlove). Here, though, you are treated to Black Thought at the top of his game, spitting in a raw, almost unrecognizably raspy voice and at a pace that literally leaves Q-Tip laughing (as you’ll hear) at its sickness. Originally this was three separate freestyles on the same radio show, but, as mentioned above, this file has been mastered into one perfectly fluid track. You can either download it below or listen to it below that; either way it’s eleven-plus minutes of rapping that will blow your mind:

Black Thought (feat. Q-Tip) – Shade 45 Dilla Tribute

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

[MP3 courtesy of (the excellent) All The Way Live]

In a post on his blog entitled “Norma Rae”, Michael Ian Black jumps into the discussion surrounding the Conan stituation but sees it from a different angle than most others have, and I kind of find it refreshing – well, at least a lot more refreshing than the jokes he makes on VH1′s “Top 25 Sexiest Videos of the 2000′s,” which is just about the only place you see him these days:*

“How did a Harvard-educated, multi-millionaire late night talk show host magically transmogrify into a guy who got laid off at the local car plant? The overreaction to Conan’s departure has been kind of astounding; as a nation, are we really that concerned about who hosts “The Tonight Show,” a television program that stopped being culturally relevant around 1986?

And let’s not forget, it’s not as if Conan was cancelled. He quit. He walked away from “The Tonight Show” because he rightly or wrongly felt that moving the show half an hour later would destroy the show’s integrity. Okay, fine. But let’s not act as if he’s leading a sit-in at a segregated lunch counter. It’s not that big a deal.”

[via VultureMichael Ian Black]

* NOTE: Shitty VH1 countdowns or not, his opinion will always resonate with me considering he was in the greatest movie of all time, the 2001 classic Wet Hot American Summer

This shit is funny as hell, I think.  The geniuses behind the site komplexify have derived a complex mathematical equation which clearly prove the evil underpinnings of the female gender.  Equisitely titled “On the proof of the supposed evilness of girls,” try to do your best to follow along, but don’t be ashamed if you get lost: this is some complex stuff here.  Read on to witness the proof that has, in all likelihood, turned the world of gender-studies on its head for the rest of eternity: 


II. Statement and classical proof of result


Theorem. Girls are evil


Proof.   It is axiomic in all cultures that girls require both time and money, and any man with either a deficiency in available “quality time” or “disposable income” knows that this a joint-proportion, whence:

girls = time * money

Similarly, it is has been proved that “time is money” [1], whence

time = money

Substitution yields

girls = (money)2

We also know that “money is the root of all evil” [2], whence

money = √evil

Substituting again yields

girls = (√evil)2

Squaring on the right-hand side of the equation yields…

girls = evil

establishing the result. Q.E.D.

I miss proofs.  I also miss the 20 minutes I just spent writing this post.

\"Yes We Can Tit\"

Boobs for Barack: “Show Your Boobs, Show Your Support!

In honor of the man who is going to turn this country around and change the way the US does business, we bring you one of our favorite things: Boobs!
                      Ladies, show your support for Barack Obama by uploading a picture of your wonderful bossoms! Big or small, black, white, brown or red, real or scientifically modified, they are part of you and we want to see them!
                      Write a message on your mammories, wear a bra, bathing suit, or go totally bare, if you support Barack, then show IT by showing THEM!

Well, I’ve officially decided who’s getting my vote……I guess all I need to do now is figure out what her name is.

If you haven’t heard of Muxtape, it’s cool because it’s my job to waste my entire waking life looking for good shit to put on here that you don’t know about (well, actually, it’s not my job at all…..but that’s a whole other story that need not be discussed now).

Anyway, Muxtape is sick; it’s a throw-back to the days when you used to make mixtapes/mix-cd’s for your friends, most of the time with one goal in mind: to show them how much better you were in finding good music than they were (i.e. Small Bands, Little Bands, etc.).

It’s a damn cool site to find new music, and if you want to make your own, all that’s involved is pushing a button to upload your own songs (plus it’s free, to boot). My dream would be to have all my “readers” respond in the comments with links to their very own, freshly made Muxtapes (Mr. Goodman, please?). I guess the one thing stopping that is my lack of “readers” in the first place.

Without further adieu, here is the Bdon Muxtape. (Illegal links to download these songs available upon request.)

By now almost everyone has heard of Stuff White People Like, and there’s a good chance that they heard about it from Blogbdon all the way back in February. While I continue to check my inbox for my thank-you e-mail from them, considering my publicity was at least a direct factor for their recently landing a $300,000 book deal, you can check out the new hot website: the not-quite-as-funny Stuff Nobody Likes.

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