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Just because it’s been a while since I posted some hot ass kicks on here, I figured I’d continue that wait and post some relatively ugly but interesting kicks today, that I saw in a review one time at the Shoe Adviser site online.

The Nike Big High Fred Flintstone is the latest release for the Nike Big High and it is very unique. This really cool shoe has the Fred Flintstone orange and black pattern on the side.

So here are the Nike Big High Fred Flintstone’s:

Nike Fred Flintstone Dunk 2

[via C’est La Vie and available only at osneaker]

After my roommate and I recently saw a guy pull up to Flight Club in a bright green Lamborghini, park out front, buy these shoes and then walk right out, it was officially confirmed that these shoes were the hotness.  I have recently called them the “sickest shoes ever,” though I was pretty excited at the time, so I would have to say the verdict is still out.  They are called the ?uestlove Air Force One’s, were produced in an extremely limited release, and each one is signed by the Roots’s drummer-extraordinaire.  The gold-toe edition was limited to about 300 pairs and randomly inserted into the shoe boxes; those who were lucky enough to receive one were said to have received the “Golden Ticket.”  Considering they have sold for upwards of $1000, and now can’t even be found on the internet, it is an apt name.  Enjoy the snappers below:


The greatest shoe in the history of Nike sneakers has been immortalized in the form of a hamburger, quite possibly the greatest food in the history of mankind:

swedish illustrator/ designer olle hemmendorff was commissioned, together with 7 other creatives
(patrik söderstam, hanna wieslander, marguerite seger, jonas wiehager and fredrik skogkvistby)
by nike to interpret a nike sportswear icon. hemmendorff created a burger sculpture of nike’s ‘air max 90′.

‘in the tradition of material innovation of AM 90, I constructed a running shoe using the most powerful, must durable and most delicious material known to man: hamburger.’ OH

the 8 artworks will be shown at the 1912 space inside sneakers ‘n’ stuff, stockholm for the next two months.

As if this comparison needed any more analysis to show that Michael Jordan is a far superior basketball player than Kobe Bryant ever will be, a friend of mine directed me to a fantastic website pointing out just how lopsided the comparison truly is. Here are a few choice statistical tidbits:

If Kobe were to play another ten seasons of 80 games apiece (for 800 games total), he would have to average over 35.5 points per game for the rest of his career to match Jordan’s career scoring average. He hasn’t even had one season that high.

Kobe could make 1500 consecutive shots, and he still wouldn’t be above Jordan in shooting efficiency.

In order to match Jordan’s assists numbers by the time he’s played as long as Jordan did, Kobe needs to average 7.2 assists per game. Kobe has never even done this for a week.

Games with:

Jordan Bryant

15 20+ shots made while shooting over 60% 3

77 15+ shots made while shooting over 60% 18

174 15+ shots made while shooting over 50% 46

16 50+ points while shooting over 60% 5

1 50+ points while shooting under 50% 6

0 50+ points while shooting under 45% 3

70 40+ points while shooting over 60% 17

27 40+ points while shooting under 50% 42

13 40+ points while shooting under 45% 19

2 40+ points while shooting under 40% 7

3 50+ points on less than 10 free throw attempts 0

47 40+ points on less than 10 free throw attempts 17

156 40+ points on less than five 3 point attempts 28

15 50+ points with 5+ assists 4

96 40+ points with 5+ assists 31

 9 40+ points with 10+ assists 2

Considering I have already failed the MPRE’s once and am already well on pace for number two tomorrow, I figured that I may as well spend some time posting on my blog, since, if anything, it always helps me review the ABA Code of Professional Conduct.

So, here’s the Coolest Shit of the Week:

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  • Finally, and courtesy of Kixandthecity, these Air Max 90′s are the hot ass kicks of the week. This pair got huge positive reviews by FishingPicks & other consumer review websites. And they will soon be mine. And by “mine” I mean “on my blog.”







Now…….wish me luck on the MPRE’s.

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