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Today The Fightins featured a blog I happened to stumble upon the other day on my own, and it has some fantastic stuff, namely the drawing of Cliff Lee riding a unicorn that I saw on The Fightins. It also has a great drawing called “Summer of Love,” which seemed to have been a big project for the author in the off-season, as well as even a drawing of Kanye West, of whom I may have mentioned before that I am a fan. Here are some pictures of the aforementioned below; click to enlarge and then definitely check out AlrightMike to see the rest of this talented “drawer’s” collection of work:

“Cliff Mounts Unicorn with Rainbows…”

“Summer of Love”


(Here is a link to a dope full-resolution version of the “Summer of Aces” drawing he made that is displayed above in the middle…big enough to posterize it, if you will…)

[via The Fightins & AlrightMike]

Since my blog is clearly the first place you’d look to find a live stream of the Spectrum demolition, please enjoy/mourn watching the Spectrum crumble…finally:

UPDATE: The embed link isn’t working, so go watch it elsewhere….i.e. here:

My favorite interview so far of the “festivities,” which, by the way, are being broadcast as “The Spectrum’s Final Show?” So far that one is a runaway, won by none other than Dr. Erving:

Broadcaster: “Is watching this sad for you Dr. J?”

Dr. J: “No.  Uh, no.  Really, I’m just cold out here right now.”

I echo your sentiments Julius…

[via The700Level]

If you follow the Phillies or even baseball at all, you might be a little perplexed after reading the title of this post; you might also just be reading this because I told you to.  Either way, your confusion is warranted.  Jimmy has been having, it has seemed, a pedestrian season, at best, even by his own lofty standards, and I thought such a statement was accurate until a couple of days ago.  Now, I haven’t been following his season at-bat to at-bat, but I guess I must have missed a recent hot-streak by the shortstop because I was somewhat surprised to see Jimmy’s stats as of a few days ago, as calculated by Comcast SportsNet and reported during his at-bat against the Nationals on Tuesday:

Now I’m no Woody Paige, but I believe those 737 homers would be some sort of record for a season…yet LeDouche still seems to steal the headlines from more deserving (and even record-shattering) athletes.  So the moral of this post is: fuck LeDouche James.  And don’t worry, Jimmy, Blogbdon’s got you.


LeBron James should blame himself, not race, for the heat he has received

Point the finger at yourself, LeBron

LeBron James, race and the NBA (see? unbiased)

[via The Fightins]

This is probably true, and who better an endorser than Charlie (despite the fact that, unfortunately, Sunny isn’t even really filmed in Philly…)?  Season 6 of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia starts on September 16th:

And, obviously, the post couldn’t be complete without:

[Via The700Level]

Now that shows some solid confidence in your defense and also seems a perfectly good reason to toss an inexperienced QB right into the start of the season…but whatever. Read this, it’s incredibly interesting, Kolb-hating aside. Could this really be true?

It might sound cockamamie to suggest that one of the reasons why the Eagles traded Donovan McNabb to the Redskins was so they wouldn’t draft Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford. ESPN’s Adam Schefter did more than suggest it, he tweeted it (Twitter continues to rule the world).

But I have to say I’m completely on board with this theory. In fact, a team source mentioned last week that it was a motivating factor and I guess I was in too much of a stupor to realize its importance.

Yes, the No. 1 reason why the Eagles dealt with Washington was because it made the best offer. And, yes, that offer — a second round draft pick and a conditional fourth-round draft pick in 2011 — made shipping McNabb within the division that much easier.

But the Eagles also did not want to have to deal with Bradford, a quarterback they rate very high, for the next decade. I know one Eagles coach — who would know such things — that had Bradford ranked among the better quarterback prospects over the last decade. There was a reason why offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg was at Oklahoma last week to watch Bradford throw during his Senior Day.

The Eagles feared that Redskins coach Mike Shanahan would use his second-round pick to move from the No. 4 overall pick into the Rams’ top spot. St. Louis likes Bradford and could very well take him, but the team needs a complete overhaul and it may have been willing to give up the top spot to address a host of other needs.

With the trade, the Eagles not only got rid of a quarterback that became expendable, but they got two draft picks in return and they kept a future All-Pro quarterback out their division for the time being.

Sounds like a win-win-win to me.

[via Birds’ Eye View]

Might the Birds trade up for Eric Berry? Well, it seems as though this article might see what I’m seeing. I think it makes sense, they’ve been looking at him closely, and I also think he’ll be an immediate-impact guy in the league (not to mention “you can’t go wrong taking the guy”).  Here’s the legitimate writer’s article:

With all the hype from Donovan McNabb finally brushing over, we can now turn our attention to this year’s NFL Draft.

The Philadelphia Eagles hold five out of the first 87 picks in this year’s draft. My question is, will Andy Reid and his associates lean towards an upgrade at this year’s draft?

Philadelphia has been known to unleash phenomenal, out of the park trades during draft day.

I’m speculating that they may trade their first round picks of 2010 and 2011 for a top-seven pick overall this year. I know that this may seem totally bewildered but considering what has happened this offseason, anything is possible.

The Eagles scouts have been paying close attention to Tennessee safety Eric Berry. With Eric Berry projected to be a top 10 pick, the Eagles have been monitoring his progress throughout this Spring.

Now the second question is, who will give up their top first round pick?

The team that comes to mind is the Seattle Seahawks.

The Seahawks are looking towards the future, and by doing so, I believe their first area of concern would be quarterback. The Eagles hold the 24th overall pick in this year’s draft.

If Seattle made this trade, they would be able to land Clausen or Tebow and have another first round pick in 2011.

Regardless, this is just an idea but not that farfetched. Don’t be surprised if you see Philadelphia make a package deal containing high draft picks to land Eric Berry!

[via Bleacher Report]

Presumably, this was during the Flyers’ excruciating loss to the Atlanta Thrashers last night, who managed to blow a two-goal lead going into the 3rd period for the first time in 24 games; luckily, two “Green Men” made watching video from the game worth it:

[via Bakes]


You can see Mac talking about the actual origins of Greenman here (worth watching):

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