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Pedro Martinez says his agent is negotiating with Philadelphia Phillies. Why is this OK with me?  Because ‘if the Phillies conclude a deal with Martinez, it will not keep them from continuing conversations with the Blue Jays about Roy Halladay.” I’ll take both


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  1. April 28, 2014

    under 1M? i could see pride issues geittng in the way where pedro was initially demanding a lot more, and then the phils were the first to talk to him once he came to his senses. we’ll see how he does. if he puts up a 5 era, which is possible, then you can’t fault omar too much. that said, at 1M, pedro’s value to the mets in terms of his character, personality, charisma, experience, that would be worth 1M even at the cost of a 5 era. he’s still boxoffice here. i don’t know if he is in philly. it’ll suck if he’s good though. if he’s good, it might be the straw that breaks minaya’s back. how could we look at him again after letting pedro go to the phils for 1M and be good. oar’s definitely on the plank, and he needs some good shit to happen in the second half.

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